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People tend to mistake nutritional advice with nutritional coaching. However, although many nutritionists use coaching tools in their consultations, nutritional coaches are focused on guiding you to connect with your own emotions and design your own best strategies to implement the professional advice in your phase.

What is nutritional coaching? And how does it work?

Nutritional coaching is a type of coaching centered on people who needs support to improve and change their daily food habits to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Nutritional coaches believe that there is a strong relationship between emotions and how we eat, so they work with clients to create individualized nutrition strategies, set realistic goals, and provide support and accountability without making them feel judged. Empathy and active listening are some of their best qualities.

Over the last years, research[1]How Nutrition Knowledge of Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Specialists translates to their athletes has shown that nutritional coaching can lead to significantly better dietary habits and improved health outcomes.

Benefits of nutritional coaching

· Understanding your own needs and times

· Developing a compassionated way of working through your goals

· improving dietary habits and better health outcomes

· increasing motivation and accountability

· Personalize nutrition plans according to your nutritional needs and your phase and times.

· support and guidance from a qualified professional

· reduced stress levels around food and nutrition

· improving overall well-being

What to expect from a session with a nutritional coach?

Nutritional coaches are not necessarily entitled to make you a diet plan. However, a nutritional coach can guide you through implementing one or design the strategies that help you get rid of all that doesn’t let you achieve your goals.

Your coach will most likely involve a detailed discussion of your goals, dietary habits, and health history during your first consultation. Your coach will also ask about your current lifestyle and daily routine. Every session, you will, with your coach’s guidelines, establish a goal and come up with your strategy to achieve your goal.

The coach will also ask you many questions that will make you connect with your emotions and desires. In subsequent sessions, your coach will check in on your progress and offer support and guidance as you work to achieve your goals.

You can expect to have regular sessions with your coach, typically once per week or twice per month.

If you’re looking to improve your habits and reach your nutritional goals, book your session with our Nutritional coach and start transforming your relationship with food.

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