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Life Coach

She is trained and qualified as a certified NLP, Professional Life Coach, and member of APC (Association for Professional Life Coach) with a background in HR and Recruitment.

Her goal as Life Coach is to support people in different areas of their life, creating a well-defined path of personal and professional growth. As a life coach, she is focus on positive learning and strengthening the present and the future for each individual her work with.

Her passion as a life coach led her to create and rediscover the compass of life that allows people to have a clear direction for their goals. They can understand their own experiences, feelings, emotions, and challenges they need to overcome or recognise to move forward. As a sensitive soul, bringing light into the darkness people experience through love, energy, passion, and support has always breathed new life and hope into those she work with regularly.

With her assistance, people can find their North Star, the driving light that helps them along their path to peace and prosperity, but most importantly, happiness, in their journeys.

Yoga Instructor

Culann is our yoga teacher. He is from Ireland. After some six years spent in the Irish military, doing the most robust, physically and mentally demanding courses, and finally a six-month deployment to Syria, he decided to leave the military and follow his passion for teaching. He taught himself Spanish and moved to Seville, Spain. Here, he opened a yoga studio and began a journey of selfless work with people who need it the most. He is passionate about learning and improving himself as a student and a teacher. Yoga is within all of his days, every day. Consistent practice will help you to unlock your full potential and he believes that Yoga is for everyone. Age, body type, fitness level, or injuries should never prevent anyone from practicing yoga. Yoga is adaptable to everybody, and rightly so that its benefits should be made available to everybody. Join him on this journey and he is going to teach you tools to improve your life every day. No matter what goal you have in mind, he will break it down and make it simple and achievable, using movement practices, meditation techniques, affirmations, mantras, and breath work. As always, he works at your pace and adapts every class to your needs.


Gennaro Capuano is a registered nutritionist specialising in Public Health and Sport Nutrition.

He is a qualified advisor for dietary supplements, herbal remedies and flower remedies.
As a nutritionist, he is passionate about communicating complex information on dietary matters and translating the science of nutrition into a simple and understandable format.

He believes in a holistic approach based on nutrition designed to prevent all diseases by, focusing on the cause and not on the symptom in order to stimulate the natural process of self-healing of the body.

Gennaro finds determining the accurate and appropriate diet plan for each person is the most satisfying part of his job. This process helps his clients to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Gennaro is a Nutritionist for the NHS Weight Management Department, a freelance Nutritionist and he has worked as an advisor for dietary supplements, herbal remedies and flower remedies.

In his free time, Gennaro enjoys sport, nature and cooking Italian recipes.

Nutrition Coach

Mariana Esparis is a nutrition trained Coach / certified in Nutrition and Dietetics, health coaching, intuitive and conscience eating, and food policy.

As a Nutrition Coach she is passionate about helping others to find a more compassioned way of eating, guiding them to transit their process and improve their relationship with food through personalized and sustainable strategies.
She believes that emotions are also related to our way of eating, and it is important to explore deeper our real connection with food to start having and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Mariana also finds transforming people’s life through nutritional coaching the most satisfying part of her job.

Mariana has been practicing nutritional coaching since 2015 assisting more than 400 clients to achieve their nutritional goals and improve their eating habits.

In her free time Mariana enjoys outdoors activities, yoga and trying new recipes.

Cycle Alchemy Path
Inese is a Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and creator of Soul Dance.
She has more than 10 years of experience in working with Women Before and After Pregnancy so that they are well-nourished Strong and Fit, and Supporting throughout their Core Recovery Period for long-lasting results. 
Inese Empower Women to Tune in, Connect, and Create the Body they Love. 
Using Natural laws of Nutrition, Cyclical Living Formula, activating the body with Fitness -sync with their Cycle and using the Intuitive Alchemy Process, that allows us to get to the core of the seed. 
She is a Co-Founder of Back to Balance Academy where she holds space for women who want to end period pain and early-stage endometriosis attacks without painkillers and surgical intervention - Naturally.
She believes that our body is always trying to communicate with us, we just need to listen. 
Inese Zute finds that each client's success is her success.
In her free time, Inese enjoys Embodied Dancing and loves and connects with people that inspire her the most.
Personal Trainer

Domenico has been passionate about fitness and martial arts since was a child. His sport history started with martial arts in 1995 at the age of 5th  with shito ryu. Style of Karate Till achieving black belt at the age of 13th  and moving forward in the  combat sport scene in the kickboxing elite team in Rome,competing at international level full contact,low kick,Greco roman grappling,power lifting and obstacle races building the base of his knowledge with over 200 top rank mixed competition.

Domenico is fully qualified as a Ereps Eqf level 4 trainer  advanced instructor, creating a 360 ° vision about fitness teaching in London for 9 years in over 40 clubs. As self employed group instructor,performance trainer and itec level 3 masseur. Helping people improving performance for their dream Goal,competition prep,rehab exercise and recovery session.

Domenico its enjoying his time indoor and outdoor,training his clients with versatility and creativity to keep their motivation and special needs as priority working with them to teach the logic behind nutritional values and motion skills

His motto is : “When the why it's strong enough,the How its never an issue”

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