In general, your workouts do not need to be long to be effective. Many people who are new to fitness imagine slogging around for hours on the treadmill. This doesn’t need to be the case.

The length of your workout will largely depend on your fitness level, as well as the type of training and intensity you’re working out at. The CDC recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity 5 days a week, as well as 2 full body strength training sessions(1). Making sure you’re hitting these minimums for exercise is a great way to make sure you’re on track. However, if you’re under the recommendation, it’s okay, we all must start somewhere!

When it comes to the type of workout you’re completing – HIITcircuit training sessions, or sprints will typically be quicker than moderate-intensity cardio sessions, as you’re working out at a higher intensity. For strength training sessions, you may want to schedule more time for warming up and resting between sets.

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