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Every day we hear about hundreds of diets promising miracles for losing weight. Mostly we find this kind of diet on the internet, in magazines, on social media, and even because a friend told us about what he or she was doing.

– That Jhon did the fruit diet and it was great!.

– That Emily did the tomato soup diet and lost 10 pounds.

And like that, many others. However, all these miracle diets have something in common: they were not made individually for you, and they certainly don’t have any scientific basis.

Even if one of these diets worked for a friend does not mean that will work for you, and more importantly, if you are not careful you can really affect your health.

So which one is the best diet?

Scientific evidence supports very important aspects to take into account when designing an effective nutritional plan:

1. You have to consume fewer calories

 Simple math, if you consume fewer calories than you are currently taking, you will see results. Reduce your portions, include more foods of better quality, and reduce the consumption of those that have a greater contribution.

2. Eat quality food: more natural and less processed foods

 If you really want results to be maintained over time, take care of the quality of the food.

Reducing the caloric intake in your daily diet will certainly make you lose weight, but if you don’t do it in a balanced way including all food groups, you will probably return to your previous weight very soon and you can even start suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

3. Increase your protein intake

Proteins are the macronutrient that maintains the structure of our muscles. Consuming enough protein is very important when we follow a low-calorie diet, otherwise, we degrade our muscle mass, something that will be very difficult for us to regain and will make it easier to gain weight in future occasions.

4. Eliminating carbohydrates is not the solution

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, if we eliminate them our body will adopt some other ways to obtain energy, probably degrading your muscle mass. Believe me, even if cutting carbs makes you feel like you’re losing weight, you’ll gain it back as soon as you go back to your regular diet. Consume carbohydrates in reduced portions and with high fiber content.

But the most important thing is that it is a diet specially designed FOR YOU. A diet that is comfortable for you, that you can actually enjoy and that you can maintain over time, that respects your food preferences and intolerances, and moreover that allows you to treat yourself from time to time without any sense of guilt.

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